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Huacaya Bred Female

ARI# 31581127   D.O.B. 6/7/2009 (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Brown, Proven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Cactus Jack
Dam: Applewoods Miss Liberty
Service Sire: Applewoods High Priority
A Champion who produces Champions. This girl proves herself over and over. She consistently makes offspring that rule the ring, and, to top it of...

ARI# 32676389   D.O.B. 5/14/2014 (6 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Beige, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Sistina's Accoyo Destinati
Dam: Adora of PVA
Service Sire: LLC Peruvian Dyno
Maleficent is a high quality female with extremely fine fleece on a nice compact frame. Her dam, Adora of PVA is an Elite Maximus daughter and is in ...

ARI# 32298444   D.O.B. 7/9/2013 (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Dark Silver Grey, 7/8 Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Charles P Atlas
Dam: Miracle Fiona
Service Sire: MFI Peruvian Candyman
Primrose II (we own 2 Primrose's) is a beautiful gray. She has very fine fleece packed on a sturdy body. Yarn spun from her fleece is simply gorgeou...


Huacaya Open Female

Includes breeding to 5X CH Argento!
ARI# 31756761   D.O.B. 7/30/2009 (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| True Black, 1/2 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian, Proven
Sire: Charles P. Atlas
Dam: Accalia D642 AOA
Aja is a goreous true black female. She has excellent conformation with a good straight top line. She has a very stylish head typical of Charles P. At...

Stunning Multi
D.O.B. 7/4/2020 (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya, Female| White, DarkBrown, Unproven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Tachometer
Dam: Tennessee Valley Tia
OH MY! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cria! Tia and Tachometer pair up quite nicely and they did not disappoint with this this one. Born on the 4th of ...

ARI# 31756488   D.O.B. 10/20/2009 (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Brown, 1/2 Peruvian, 1/2 Bolivian, Proven
Sire: Baron Von Hershey
Dam: Kechin Yer Fancy
A blue ribbon winner who has made the same. This girl breeds and births easily. She has been bred to Argento. This should be a show quality cria ...

ARI# 35564577   D.O.B. 7/30/2019 (1 yr)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Rose Grey, Unproven
Sire: Applewoods High Priority
Dam: Applewoods Cactus Chloe
Ada is a lovely modern rose grey female. She packs a lot of fleece on a square conformationally correct frame. Her fleece is quite fine. Both h...

Breeding to 5X Champion Argento!
ARI# 32795417   D.O.B. 7/4/2013 (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, Proven
Sire: Snowmass Enlightenment
Dam: ~Vina Fay Gray
Libby! Born on the 4th of July and she is beautiful! Her ARI says beige but I feel she is really white. Having said that, she is white out of t...

Axtion Jaxon daughter
ARI# 851898   D.O.B. 9/20/2003 (17 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Brown, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: CPeruvian Axtion Jaxon
Dam: JA Sabrina
A daughter of CPeruvian Axtion Jaxon! Antoinette is a lovely statuesque female. She is a direct daughter of the well known Axtion Jaxon and full p...

ARI# 35026877   D.O.B. 7/3/2016 (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Bay Black, Unproven
Dam: LLC My Peruvian Cherry Sundae
Black daughter of Black Accoyo Jackpot! Cherry Cola is a lovely female. She has solid conformation. Her fleece is a fine bay black fleece with go...

Reserve Champion
ARI# 35474760   D.O.B. 5/23/2017 (3 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Silver Grey, Unproven
Sire: Grand River Columbo
Dam: Delphi's Liberte Eclairant
Belle is a gorgeous show quality daughter of our Grand River Columbo and Delphi's Liberte Eclairant. She has excellent conformation and a lovely hand...

Light Sabre daughter
ARI# 32501902   D.O.B. 9/14/2012 (8 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Dark Fawn, 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Chilean, Unproven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Light Sabre
Dam: Alpacaone-Dootle Bug
COLOR FROM LIGHT SABRE!! We couldn't be happier with this lovely lady. What more could we want? Her dark fawn fleece shines! It is quite fine w...

ARI# 31512039   D.O.B. 8/30/2009 (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Fawn, 3/4 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian, 1/8 Chilean, Proven
Sire: Principe Dorato
Dam: Genuine Risk (Gretchen)
Sweet, very feminine daughter of Principe Dorato. Aurelia has beautiful fleece and with excellent density as well. It is quite bright. She has a power...

ARI# 32676396   D.O.B. 11/10/2012 (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Brown, 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian, Proven
Sire: Jeremiah's Quatrain
Dam: Whistler's Cactus Rose
Primrose is a very stylish alpaca. She has excellent conformation. Her sire Quatrain is a medium rose gray and her dam Rose is a modern rose gray. ...

Appaloosa! SPOTS GALORE!
ARI# 35026884   D.O.B. 6/12/2015 (5 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, Light Brown, 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Chilean, Proven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Light Sabre
Dam: MFI Sheira
An appy from Light Sabre! We knew Light Sabre could let color pass but we were surprised when Specs was born! Specs is an adorable appaloosa! She i...

with male cria at side
ARI# 32338980   D.O.B. 9/30/2012 (8 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, 7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Chilean, Proven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Cactus Jack
Dam: Whistler's Miss Heidi Atlas
Star Attraction was born on Farm Days in front a very large crowd including a local reporter. She was aptly named Star Attraction and appeared in a n...

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ARI# 32676709   D.O.B. 9/15/2013 (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Brown, Proven
Sire: Mile High The Reverend Mr. Black
Dam: Willchris Patricia
Blessing is a beautiful daughter of The Reverend. She is strong and correct with excellent conformation. This is a trait we see in Reverend cria. S...

ARI# 31394505   D.O.B. 7/6/2008 (12 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Rose Grey, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: El Nino's Accoyo Michelangelo
Dam: JLFA Luciano's Peruvian Paloma
What an opportunity this was to bring Panthea to our farm! A 15X Grey Champion! Panthea is the product of JLFA Luciano’s Peruvian Paloma…a multi...

ARI# 35474722   D.O.B. 5/20/2017 (3 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Beige, Unproven
Sire: Sistina's Accoyo Destinati
Dam: IPH Star Attraction
Lagertha is a feminine lovely female. She has been part of our show string. Judges always comment how consistent her fleece is across the blanket. Fl...

Dam of Champions!
ARI# 31044530   D.O.B. 7/11/2010 (10 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Fawn, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Principe Dorato
Dam: Pj Maraschino Cherry
This is a very high quality dam! She has had two cria to date and both have been awarded banners! This is the kind of dam you need in your breedi...

ARI# 32747010   D.O.B. 11/18/2013 (6 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Dark Brown, Full Peruvian, Unproven
Dam: 119 Accoyo's Lightening Kiss
Kiss is a beautiful alpaca with excellent conformation and a fine handling fleece. She is a daughter of Ventura, highly sought after genetics. K...

ARI# 32484915   D.O.B. 5/26/2011 (9 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Fawn, 7/8 Peruvian, Proven
Sire: MFI Ceepsake
Dam: MFI Sassoon
Lovely fawn female. Sassie is the daughter of MFI Ceepsake and granddaughter of Snowmass Millenium. She has extreme density with excellent crimp to ...

ARI# 31628082   D.O.B. 9/10/2009 (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Majestic Peruvian Daredevil
Dam: Mile High Peruvian Genesee (SOLD)
We purchased Mile High Peruvian Marilyn as we were looking for another elite white female to breed to Light Sabre. She has excellent density with ful...

Breeding to 5X Champion Argento!
ARI# 31620116   D.O.B. 7/15/2010 (10 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Bay Black, Proven
Sire: Aussie Guns-N-Roses
Dam: Snowmass Casanova's Myst
RR Rose Pilar is a gorgeous black female out of Aussie Guns-N-Roses but take a look at the bottom of her ARI! Equally impressive is her dam Snowmass ...

Harlequin Grey
ARI# 32795424   D.O.B. 10/1/2013 (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Fawn, Dark Silver Grey, Dark Rose Grey, 7/8 Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Mr. Butterscotch
Dam: Tennessee Valley's Rose
OH MY IS THIS ONE CUTE ALPACA! Tia always draws the attention of folks at shows and visitors to the farm. She is that rare harlequin alpaca that is ...

Beethoven Daughter w/breeding to Money!
ARI# 32772609   D.O.B. 6/10/2013 (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Brown, 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Chilean, Proven
Sire: NM Beethoven
Dam: VAC's Raspberry Bombe
Cherry Bombe is a lovely Beethoven daughter. She has fine very dense crimpy fiber covering her body. In addition to NM Beethoven as her sire she al...

Produces high quality cria
ARI# 30995697   D.O.B. 5/24/2009 (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| True Black, 3/8 Peruvian, 5/8 Chilean, Proven
Sire: Patagonia's Amicus
Dam: FF Chenille
VAC's Blue Indigo is a lustrous true black female with nice straight lines. Her family tree is loaded with color and with multi-champion ancestors suc...

Breeding to 5X champion Argento!
ARI# 31593731   D.O.B. 5/19/2009 (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Rose Grey, 7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Chilean, Proven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Cactus Jack
Dam: Whistler's Pinkie Tuscadero
Rose is a lovely Cactus Jack daughter. She is very solid in frame with very pretty modern rose grey fleece. She exhibits a fine fleece with nice cri...

ARI# 32439106   D.O.B. 4/9/2013 (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Beige, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Jeremiah's Peruvian Jumanji
Dam: DPA Mayflower
This girl is a champion maker! Orchid is the daughter of Jumanji. This is a line that very consistently produces champions. We are very excited t...

ARI# 35311058   D.O.B. 7/13/2016 (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Beige, Full Peruvian, Unproven
Sire: Our Peruvian Mucho Dinero
Dam: Whistler's Peruvian Annabelle
Sophia has excellent density. Her fleece is beautiful with great fineness and crimp style. She has a very solid frame and is a nice sized female. ...

ARI# 30445116   D.O.B. 6/10/2006 (14 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Dark Brown, Full Chilean, Proven
Sire: Okanagan's Essex 387 E
Dam: Willchris Her Reflection
Patricia is a proven dam that has produced a reserve champion daughter (see PB). Patricia is gentle and sweet and a pleasure to be around. She is ea...


Huacaya Male

ARI# 35095996   D.O.B. 11/11/2017 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Medium Fawn, Unproven
Sire: A Paca Fun's Sonic Shift
Dam: New Forest Summer's Ember
This is one beautiful stud! Only the best animals are consigned to Futurity. Sundance was consigned to the 2019 Futurity auction and we were lucky e...

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Introductory Fee
ARI#    D.O.B. 9/9/2014 (6 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Light Rose Grey, Unproven
Sire: Avatar
Dam: Sophie of Pronkin Pastures
Maverick is a son of Avatar. Avatar is a well known name with highly sought genetics for gray breeders. Maverick has beautiful rose gray fleece. ...

Rincon Cloud Son
ARI# 31028783   D.O.B. 10/5/2007 (13 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| White, Medium Silver Grey, 1/4 Peruvian, 3/4 Chilean, Proven
Sire: Emerald Farm's Rincon Cloud
Dam: Shadow's Awesome Sabrina
Grand River Columbo is a gorgeous son of Rincon Cloud. We purchased him from Whistler's Glen and Coffee Pot farms in Ohio to bring some rare gray gen...

Stud Fee:
ARI# 35390268   D.O.B. 8/4/2018 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Medium Brown, Full Peruvian, Unproven
Sire: Our Peruvian Mucho Dinero
This little guy is super dense. He has a stout boxy frame and the sweetest face. He is a chill little guy and very friendly like his Mom. Speaking ...

Harlequin genetics
D.O.B. 9/10/2018 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Medium Fawn, Bay Black, Unproven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Tachometer
Dam: Tennessee Valley Tia
This guy!! Oh My! Just what we ordered from our pairing of Tia and Tachometer. We knew Tach could produce solid and multi but what could he do with ...

Full Accoyo
ARI# 31044721   D.O.B. 6/8/2010 (10 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Light Fawn, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: El Nino's Accoyo Michelangelo
Dam: "Accoyo Hannah Sale Pending
Matteo is a full Peruvian full Accoyo herdsire. His phenotype is spot on with a beautiful head, perfection conformation and macho presence. Then the...

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D.O.B. 6/24/2018 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Light Brown, Unproven
Sire: Grand River Columbo
Dam: Sophie of Pronkin' Pastures
Purchase Sherlock while is young! He is a gorgeous male with a beautiful head. He has very soft fiber and would fit in very nicely as a companion or ...

Get him while he's young!
ARI# 31455541   D.O.B. 9/29/2008 (12 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Light Fawn, 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian, Proven
Sire: MFI Peruvian Cactus Jack
Dam: Wine Country's Semillon
Son of MFI Peruvian Cactus Jack. This boy is a powerhouse of genetics and we saw him at about 6 months of age and were impressed with his fleece and p...

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