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Felted Dryer Balls

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Product Specs

  • Hand made from alpaca fiber harvested on our farm

Product Description

All natural felted alpaca dryer balls are an excellent alternative to the chemicals of fabric softeners or dryer sheets for softening clothes, eliminating wrinkles and reducing drying time.
A minimum of 3 are suggested and 4 is recommended for large loads.
Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, simply place dryer balls in your dryer with your wet laundry. Felted dryer balls bounce around to shorten drying time by increasing the airflow around the clothes, without exposing your clothes to harsh chemicals.
They may continue to felt and shrink over time but they will still be effective. Some pilling may occur. You can trim the fuzz off with scissors or a razor. These felted dryer balls should last years.
If you prefer scented dryer balls apply several drops of essential oils to the dryer balls. It is recommended to run through a cycle or place in a closed pillowcase the first time after scenting to avoid oils on your laundry.
These are handmade and size, color and shape may vary. Made with alpaca fiber from the alpacas that live at Alpacas of Indian Point Hills
May contain small amounts of wool